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Wesley Guild was formed in the Methodist Church in the Gold Coast, as far as 1899 at Cape Coast; but membership was predominantly illiterate. However, there was no youth organization which catered for the educated youth, the product of our mission schools.

Accordingly, Synod in 1944 appointed a subcommittee to study and make recommendations on pilot basis, as to form a youth fellowship for the educated young men and women in the church. The committee eventually recommended “that by means of short conferences, a small number of prospective youth leaders be trained”.

As expected, Cape Coast which gave birth to Methodist in Ghana gave birth to the first Methodist Youth Fellowship branch in 1946. By 1958, thirty six branches of 1153 members had been formed throughout the country.

Initially, they were operated upon the following guidelines: Members must be literate so that the needs of the educated must be met. The ages of members should be between 16 to 40 years old. This however, was not a rigid rule but should be taken as a guideline.

Men’s Fellowship in IMC was established in 2005…

Sis. Nana Ekua Bray

First Vice President

Bro. Leonard Menash

Second Vice President

Sis. Lauraine Ghartey


Bro. Edmund Tackie

Assistant Secretary

Bro. Alfred Boadi Solomon

Financial Secretary





Bro. Krobea Asante