Is My Ability In Use?

Is My Ability In Use?

“Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean but abundant crops come by the strength of the oxen.”- Proverbs 14:4

The Oxen in the text represents one’s ability. Ability is possessing a means or a skill to do something. Once you don’t use your abilities, you don’t encounter any challenges hence a clean manger.

The one who uses his/her abilities will encounter many challenges but will produce abundant results. Once the oxen is in use, your manger will be dirty but they will work to produce the crops.

Beloved in Christ, let us not hide our abilities for the fear of criticism and failures. Life is a teacher, you can only become better while you live on. While you live on, you will be confronted with many challenges still life must go on. Don’t give up on yourself because you failed once or twice or thrice or whatever number of times just keep on going.

Lord may I put my abilities to use and not fear criticism and failures. For with Christ in the vessel, we will smile at the storm.


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